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Children's and youth theatre arts "YASKRAVA KRAINA"
Odessa, Ukraine
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Date Festival
24-27 march 2011

Place of the festival
Odessa, Ukraine

Aims of the Festival
development of aesthetic taste and increase of interest of children and young people to the theater, choreography, vocal and art.

Mission of the Festival
creating a friendly atmosphere of holiday, exchange of experience between the creative teams, increasing the skill level of participants, to opening new talents, familiarity with the cultural heritage and historical monuments of the city of Odessa.

- choreography (folk dance of plot, pop dance of plot, modern dance of plot)

- fashion theaters, schools and studios of Fashion (pret-a-porter, folk, advance guard)
- musical theaters (only fragments of performances)
- vocal (a pop song, folk song, academic singing)

Age groups
- children to 10 years
- juniors - 11-16 years
- youth - 17-25 years
- mixed

Requirements of competition

Dance groups represent the two subject compositions in the same category and age group in sum of time no more than 8 minutes.
Will be evaluated - the originality of performance, skill and technique, accordance of the musical accompaniment, originality of costumes

The theaters of fashion represent two collections (up to 10 models - 5 minutes, up to 20 models - 7 minutes) with musical accompaniment. Prefer theatrical productions. The author of the collection can be both a professional and a young fashion designer, and must be specified in an application.
Will be evaluated - knack of defile, unity of style of the collection, directing, development of plot.

Musical theatres represent two fragments from the play with the choreography (necessarily). The total duration of the performance is not more than 15 minutes.
Will be evaluated - artistry, acting skills, culture of performance, directing, costumes and musical accompaniment.

Vocal performers provide 2 tracks in one category of no more than 8 minutes (soloists) and 10 minutes (groups).
Will be evaluated - purity of intonation, craftsmanship, aesthetics costumes and props, the culture of performance.

According to the results of the competition Jury will determine the owner of the Grand Prix of festivals and awards diplomas three degrees.
The Jury is formed of the number of professional musicians and distinguished cultural figures.

Data carriers of phonograms (only minus) are MD or CD, each track - on a separate carrier. You may not use plus phonograms.

Financial conditions
Registration fee - 25euro / people collectives and 35euro / person - individual performers.
Participation fee - 75evro / person (accommodation in 2, 3, 4 bed rooms with private facilities, meals - breakfast - supper, transfers, tour of Odessa, disco), the extra day - 25euro / person.
Additional charge - for transfers and tours for adults - 9euro / person, visiting the Opera, additional excursions.
One team leader for a group of 20 persons - accommodation and meals free of charge.
Payment must be made before the start of the festival.

We can provide guide for your trip across the country.

Before or after the festival can be possible tours of Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Crimea and Yalta.

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